Prada Handbags: Flaunt With Style

The handbag is like a third hand to the most women. I never step out of the house empty-handed. Carrying a trendy bag that matches the outfit enhances the elegance and style. Hundreds of handbag brands are available, still, a few decades old bags stand out because of the quality and design. I am going to write about one such bag, Prada. My mom has been using a blue Prada bag since I was a kid. The bag is clean and perfect without any external damages. I made a small research about the iconic bags of Prada and I am presenting it here.

Prada is from Milan, Italy. In the year 1913, Prada bags were first made by Prada brothers, the proprietors of the company. The quality and craftsmanship earned a lot of good name and fame for the bag. The growth was exponential and now it is available in every part of the world.

These bags were carefully made with saffiano leather. This imparts very high durability and water resistant quality to the bags. The bag can withstand any stress and it is easy to clean. I have seen my mom wiping the bag with wet tissue in case of any stain. Still, the bag is intact.

Purses, clutches, tote bags are some other signature products of Prada. They are versatile, so they can be carried anywhere. The bags have a larger room and can hold a lot of stuff. I am super excited that I am going to buy one for me this year. The handbag comes in a wider range of colors. So I will pick the one that suits most of my outfits.

The consistent performance, dashing look and the competence of the manufacturers are reasons behind the century-old reputation and fame of Prada. …

Make The Mom-Kid Time Fun Filled

The best thing a mom can give a child is her precious time. No matter how many companions the kids have, playing with mom is sheer fun. During rainy days and biting cold winter days, we cannot go out and play. So, what I do is, I prepare games that are to be played indoor and our cold boring time becomes a well-spent quality time. Take a look at this fantastic family fun site for interesting games to be played by mom and kiddo.

Hide and seek:
My kid likes to hide and seeks like anything. I hide somewhere inside the house and he comes in search of me after counting from 1-10. He wins when he finds me.

Who said we should blow bubbles only in the outdoor parks? We do it indoor too!. I teach my kid to prepare the solution using soap and water. Using a straw, we blow. The blower of the bubble which lasts for quite a long time wins. We try to blast each others bubble and it is full of amusement.

Treasure Hunt:
This is my childhood favorite game. We, now play it together as a family. In small pieces of papers, we write a series of clue leading to a precious treasure. W hand over the first clue to my son. And every time he cracks the clue right, his face glows with pride and happiness.

Board games:
Business, Chess, carrom boards are time killers. It requires intelligence, analytical skills, and patience to win. I used to be a chess champion in my school days. So, I taught my son to play chess in earlier years itself.

Indoor basketball:
I bought this wonderful game kit in the store and we love playing it together in our huge hall.…